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One of the many job that veterinarians have from time to time is nutritional counseling.  Following will be an asortment of nutritional facts and statments that will hopefully special family members healthier fo the long haul.

Calories Needed Daily to Maintain Current Weight

(for pet with normal metabolisms i.e.no thyroid abnormalities)

Canine Weight in Pounds     Calories Needed per Day 

               5#                                        204

              10#                                       342

              20#                                       576

              30#                                       781

              40#                                       969

              50#                                       1145

              60#                                       1313

              70#                                       1471

              80#                                       1629

              90#                                       1777

             100#                                      1926

Feline Weight in Pounds     Calories Needed Per Day

               8#                                          218

              10#                                         272

              12#                                         327

              14#                                         381 

              16#                                         436

              20#                                         544

              25#                                         681


Calorie Contents of Popular Pet Treats

This is obviously not a list of every treat possible but it is a good place to start.  If there are treats that you like to give and either know the calorie content and would like to share it with us or would like to have up research it and place it on the list please email us at [email protected]

Milk Bones

Original- 10     Puppy Biscuits- 10    

Small Biscuits- 20     Medium Biscuits- 40

Large Biscuits- 115     extra Large Biscuits- 225

Gravy Bones Sm/Med- 35     Gravy Bones Large- 80

Flavor Snacks Sm/Med- 20     Flavor Snacks Large- 80

Super Premium Chicken and Rice- 10

MarOSnacks Crunchy Treat- 30

Grillin'Bites- Beef Steaks- 30

Grillin' Bites- Chcken Drumsticks- 25


Liver Snaps- 13     Al's Grill- Riblets-  35.75

Al's Grill- Burgers- 35.75     Al's Grill- Steaks- 15.7

Al's Grill- Drumsticks- 9.9


Beggin Stips- Bacon- 30

Beggin' Strips- Chesse&Bacon- 30

Beggin' Strips- Beef&Bacon- 30

Beggin' Littles- Bacon- 30

Beggin' Wraps- Bacon&Beef- 18

Beggin' Wrags- Bacon&Chesse- 18

BusyBone- DentalBone- Sm/Med- 309

BusyBone- DentalBone- Large- 600

BusyBone- ChewBone- Sm/Med- 309

BusyBone- ChewBone- Large- 600

Cheweez Chew Strips- Savory Chicken- 60

Cheweez Chew Strips- Hearty Beef Basted- 60

Cheweez Chew Rolls w/Meaty Middles- Savory Chicken Sm-171

Cheweez Chew Rolls w/Meaty Middles- Savory Chicken Lg-211

Cheweez Chew Sticks- Hearty Beef- 22.3

Chew Twistems- Beef & Cheese- 45

Chew Twistems- Bacon & Cheese- 45

TBonz- Sizzil Steak- 42

TBonz- Sizzil Steak & Bacon- 42

Tiny TBonz Steak- 18

Whisker Lickin' for Cats- 3

Purina One

Adult Biscuits- Beef & Rice- 33

Adult Biscuits- Lamb & Rice - 30

Large Breed Biscuits- Chicken & Rice- 87

Healthy Weight Biscuits- Turkey & Barley- 26

Purina Veterinary Diets

Lite Biscuits - 15

Gental Snackers- 12


BreathBuster- Sm- 28     BreathBuster- Regular- 49

DentaBones - Small- 105,  Med- 188 & Large- 300

DentaStix- Small - 270  & Regular- 70

JumBone- Sm/Med- 270 & Regular- 560

MarrowBone- 39

Trainers- 4.5

Scooby Snacks

Zoinks Bone- Sm/Med- 22

Burgers- Med/Lg- 22

Drumsticks- Sm/Med- 19

Cheese Wedge- Sm/Med- 18

Dog Tag- Sm/Med- 42

Scooby- Med/Lg- 46

Shaggy- Med/Lg- 37

Mystery Machine- Med/Lg- 45

French Fry- Med/Lg- 9

Meaty Bones

Small Bones- 27

Medium Bones- 60

Large Bones- 93

Science Diets

Canine Lite Treats -15

Dr.s Foster and Smith

Premium Bite Size Biscuits- 5

Premium Biscuits- 20


PupPeroni- 24

Snausages- 25

Jerky Treats- 21

Pounce for Cats- 3



THIS ---->https://ardmorevet.com/healthy-pet-info/diet.html

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Dear Dr. Cade and Staff, Your service and dedication to Chewy was outstanding! I would (and have) highly recommended your service to others. The kindness, compassion and actual concern for our furry family members is always genuine. Your compassion helped me endure the challenge or raising an epileptic dog and when the time came to end his suffering, you were right there to support Charles and I.

Carla Hudson RRT, RCP
Ardmore, OK

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